There are several interesting turns and curves, lots of changes in the working style, tons of memorable events and few other milestones in the history of SDHS from day of its inception.

The concept of service in the history of Ashrama was first defined during early sixties. It was in Kesare ashrama during 1964 ashram children used to arrange for Sunday homas and other spiritual activities done by Sri Swamiji. In 1964 when Sri Swamiji moved to the present Nanjanguda road ashram, He personally trained the ashrama youth like Dwaraka & others on Kriya Yoga. Sri Dwaraka, Smt Nanjundamma, Sri Ashwath Narayana, Sri Ananda Rao, are some of those early Swayam Sevaks. The dedicated services rendered by this first enthusiastic group of volunteers continued uninterruptedly till late 80s.

It was 1989, the month of November. The occasion – The Maha Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Dattavadhoota Temple Complex at Dundigal – 30 km away from the Heart of the Twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. Thousands of people started thronging the premises of the SGS Ashrama that the arrangements proved insufficient. Then suddenly the need and necessity for an efficient and professionally trained group to serve the devotees struck the minds of the organizers. Immediately 50 industrious labours were pressed into service by Sri K. Narayana Rao and that was how the first batch of Volunteers at Dundigal Ashrama came up. The uniform for this batch was quite simple – that of a white pant, white shirt and a Datta Vastram as turban. This first batch of volunteers was named "Datta Seva" by HH Sri Swamiji and from then on there was no looking back.

During Sri Swamiji's Visit to Hyderabad in the year 1992, He was welcomed with a great motorcycle rally from RajendraNagar – outskirts of Hyderabad to Dundigal. 60% of these volunteers who participated in the rally were Muslims, 20% of the volunteers were Christians and only 20% are Hindus. As this rally reached Dundigal Ashrama, all the volunteers shouted slogans "Hail Datta Peethadhipathi ! Hail Datta Peethadhipathi ! Then came spontaneously from the mouth of the divine incarnate – Hail DATTA SENA ! Hail DATTA SENA ! – Thus renaming Datta Seva as Datta Sena.

With the ever increasing responsibilities and projects of Datta Peetham, it was decided in the year 2001-2002 by Pujya Sri Swamiji that Datta Sena be expanded and opportunity to be given to more volunteers for serving Sri Swamiji. In a bid to abide by His orders, the Datta Sena has been expanded with the inclusion of volunteers from all over India and the corps is now called ALL INDIA SRI GANAPATHI SACHCHIDANANDA SEVADAL. The troupe that has started with a mere 50 industrial labour has now reached nearly 1000 dedicated, disciplined and devoted volunteers

Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji's divine commands, timely instructions, surprising benedictions, kind remembrances and encouraging words of divine wisdom have been fueling the growth of the volunteer organization and stimulating the service orientation among the members of the SevaDal. Preparing the corps to reach such a state of independent existence and inspiring service orientation, His Holiness Sri Swamiji suddenly decided that the various groups hitherto under the aegis of the local Gnana Bodha Sabhas will fall under one umbrella. This is with a view to consolidate the service portfolio and increase the participative awareness among the prospective volunteers and the serving SevaDal members. That was the genesis of the current day's Sri Datta Humane Services Trust – dedicated for the service oriented participation of all the SevaDal members in the various social, religious, devotional, academic and medical activities.

During Tarana Ugaadi – 2004, His Holiness Sri Swamiji decided to start a new outfit to serve as the central service organization. The seed came to fruition in the month of August 2004 when a trust by name Sri Datta Humane Services was registered with Sri Swamiji's orders to serve the humanity as its prime motto. The organization started its operations in a new office on the 17th Nov 2004 and continued to fulfill its mission – renamed–re-christened.

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